SOPHIE Course – Safe Obstetric Practice for High risk and Emergency Course Curriculum

Feb 251Shoulder dystociaShoulder dystocia: Does HELPPER mnemonic help?A modified sling method to deliver posterior armChanging pattern of shoulder dystocia: 20 year data from Prince of Wales Hospital
Mar 252ECV and vaginal breech deliveryExternal cephalic version: tips on improving success rate and safetyVaginal breech delivery: tips on improving success rate and safety + panic behaviorPreterm vaginal breech delivery
May 133Cord prolapse and vaginal twin deliveryCord prolapse: best maneuvres to relieve cord compressionVaginal twin delivery: tips on improving success rate and safetyInterval twin delivery
May 204Fetal distress and neonatal arrest / Intrapartum fetal heart rate monitoring and neonatal resuscitationPitfalls in interpreting CTGUrgency in Caesarean deliveryUnexpected neonatal arrest in postnatal ward:Resuscitation before neonatologists’ arrivalImportant investigation for the underlying cause
Jun 35Instrumental delivery and second stage and CaesareanTo pull or not to pull? Dilemma in the second stageIntrapartum USG to improve success rate and safety of instrumental deliveryReducing complications in second stage CS 
Jun 106Maternal collapse and resuscitationTeamwork in managing maternal arrestMaternal resuscitationA case of sudden maternal cardiac arrest and successful resuscitation in a private hospital
Jul 87PPHPrevention of PPH: back to basicTreatment of PPH: medical method: which when and howExperience in using CarbetocinTreatment of PPH: tamponade method: tips for success
Jul 298Hypertensive disorders, eclampsia and maternal sepsisEmergent antihypertensive in severe hypertensionManaging eclampsiaEarly recognition of maternal sepsis and Sepsis bundles

SOPHIE Course – Hands-on Workshop
Date: 19 June
Time: 2-6pm
Venue: CUHK Medical Centre, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong

Station 1Shoulder dystocia
Station 2Vaginal breech delivery
Station 3External cephalic version
Station 4Second stage CS at internal version
Station 5Neonatal resuscitation
Station 6Maternal resuscitation

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