CNGT5002 Clinical Biochemical Genetics

Understanding [1] genetic basis of inborn errors of metabolism; [2] the acute presentation and initial management of inborn errors of metabolism; [3] the interpretation of abnormal screening test results; [4] how to apply the principles of effective communication in taking care of patients with or at-risk of specific genetic conditions.

CNGT5003 Clinical Genetics

Clinical genetics deals with direct clinical care of patients with genetic disease, including diagnosis, management and counselling as well as development of a genomic approach to human diseases in clinical setting that requires the application of all of the basic principles of medical genetics taught in this course.

CNGT5005 Population Genetics

The course covers[1] risk assessment of a given genetic condition; [2] implications of population screening for carriers of disease causing genes; [3] gene mapping and identification of genes responsible for the predisposition to disease like cancers and autistic spectrum disorder; [4] interpretation of DNA matching for paternity testing or forensic purposes; [5] study of world-wide genetic variation among human populations.

CNGT5007 Genetic Counselling

Genetic counselling is a communication process which involves [1] conveying medical facts including diagnosis, course of the disorder and available treatment; [2] understanding the pattern of inheritance and the risk of carrying the gene in specific relatives; [3] understanding the alternatives for dealing with the risk; [4] choosing an appropriate course of action by taking into account their risk, family goals, ethical and religious standard, and in accordance with their decision; [5] making the best possible adjustment to the disorder of the affected family member and/or the risk of recurrence of the disorder.

CNGT6002 Professional Training Course in Prenatal and Paediatric Genetics

The course covers prenatal dysmorphology and genetic syndromes. It will also cover the principles of prenatal screening and diagnosis with emphasis on screening for Down syndrome and other fetal aneuploidies.

CNGT6003 Professional Training Course in Adult and Cancer Genetics

The course covers the diagnosis, counseling and management of late onset genetic diseases, common hereditary cancers and cancer predisposition syndromes. It also includes the quantitative methods in cancer risk assessment, laboratory methods of cancer genetic testing, genetic testing in the management of patients with cancer, reproductive counseling for cancer patients and families.

CNGT6006 Ethics and Law

The course deals with psychological, ethical and legal issues in prenatal genetic testing, genetic testing for presymptomatic individual, cancer genetic testing and reproductive genetic testing, and problem of confidentiality.