Welcome Message from Programme Director

Prof. LEUNG Tak Yeung

Assistant Dean (Mainland Affairs)
Professor and Team head of Fetal Medicine Team

The past two decades have yielded profound advances in the fields of prenatal diagnosis and fetal treatment. Ultrasonography and magnetic resonance imaging have led to more accurate diagnosis of fetal anomalies at an earlier gestation. Concomitantly, improvements in minimally invasive techniques such as fetoscopy and ultrasound guided procedures have allowed for more successful and safer in utero interventions for fetal diseases. Successful examples include fetoscopic laser coagulation for twin-twin transfusion syndrome, radiofrequency ablation for selective fetal reduction, fetosocpic endotracheal balloon occlusion for diaphragmatic hernia, which are shown to improve the survival of the affected fetuses. We are the referral centre for these advanced treatments in Hong Kong as well as in Asia.

With the improved outcomes, the demand for training on these special skills has been increasing. Yet, a structured and comprehensive training course in this area is lacking. We have been holding the annual Asia Pacific Congress in Fetal Therapy in the past few years, as well as short hands-on practical courses. With our professional and teaching experience, as well as the strong network of experts in the field, our programme can provide excellent training to professionals across Asia.

Our Objectives

  • To provide participants with the principles and current practices of Fetal Therapy.
  • To equip students with advanced practical knowledge in conducting prenatal diagnosis and fetal treatment.
  • To serve as a preparatory course for further postgraduate studies in Maternal Fetal Medicine.

Learning Outcomes

After the completion of programme, graduates will have acquired the ability to:

  • master up-to-date technique in fetoscopic and ultrasound-guided fetal surgical procedures.
  • gain up-to-date knowledge and technique of fetal pharmacological intervention.
  • gain up-to-date knowledge and technique of fetal genetic and stem cell therapy.
  • be competent in diagnosis, evaluation, and application of different fetal intervention.