Mode of Study & Medium of Instruction

  • 2-year part-time programme
  • English supplemented with Cantonese

Who Should Apply

  • Clinical professionals (such as obstetricians, paediatricians, physicians, nurses and midwives), who are managing patients and families with genetic diseases in their daily practice.
  • Laboratorial professionals who are working with genetic and genomic testing.
  • Clinical and laboratorial professionals who plan for a master degree education in the field of clinical genetics.

Entry Requirements

Applicants should have medical / nursing / laboratory science / life science related Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. Past academic records, working experiences and reference letters will be considered in the admission decision. There may be personal interview(s) for shortlisted candidates.

Graduation Requirement

To be awarded the Professional Diploma in Genetic Counselling, students are required to have an overall attendance rate of 70% and pass the assessments with an overall GPA not lower than 2.0.