The members of the Maternal Medicine Team are dedicated to looking after high risk pregnancies with pre-existing medical diseases and/or pregnancy complications. The team works with the physicians, anaesthetists, neonatologists, psychiatrists, dietitians as well as other specialists in order to provide multidisciplinary care to pregnant women with complicated medical disorders.

In-patient Service

The team provides in-patient care to pregnant women admitted to hospital with medical diseases or complications. Ward rounds are conducted by our obstetrics specialists and Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists. Specialised care and advice are provided to enhance high quality of care.

Preeclampsia Screening and Monitoring

Preeclampsia is a serious pregnancy complication affecting 2-5% of pregnant women worldwide. This disorder is thought to be caused by poor function of the placenta, which leads to its inability to support the adequate blood supply required by the fetus, and poor uterine arterial vasodilation, attributing to the common symptoms of preeclampsia. This condition can now be screened and prevented. Our unit provides screening at 11-13 weeks for women with a singleton pregnancy through a combination of maternal factors, mean arterial pressure, uterine artery Dopplers and serum placental growth factor. Women identified as high risk will be reviewed for prophylactic intervention.

Medical Obstetric Clinic

Pregnant women with complicated medical disorders will be followed up at our Medical Obstetric Clinic run by our Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists. Women and their relatives can receive expert advice on the management plan of the diseases. Continued support and surveillance after treatment will be provided. Multidisciplinary joint care with other specialties will be offered when necessary.

Diabetes Mellitus Clinic

Pregnant women with pre-existing diabetes or gestational diabetes will be followed up at our Diabetes Mellitus Clinic run by our Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists, specialised midwives, dietitians and diabetic nurses with the support of endocrinologists. Women can receive multidisciplinary care and expert advice on the management plan of the disease. Continued support and surveillance on both the maternal and fetal conditions after treatment will be provided.

Preconception Counseling Service

Preconception counselling and advice will be offered to women with pre-existing medical diseases or previous obstetric complications who are planning for pregnancy. This service aims to offer up-to-date advice on the use of medication, anticipated course and outcomes of pregnancy as well as optimization of health status before pregnancy to those with complicated medical diseases.