The Chinese University of Hong Kong and The Baylor College of Medicine

With the rapid development of genetics and genomics, more diseases are now recognized to have a genetic basis, including the traditional Mendelian diseases, developmental delay, congenital malformations, autism, cancers, degenerative disorders, and metabolic dysfunction. In order to provide advance genetic diagnosis and counseling service for our patient, together with experts from The Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) in the United States, the Chinese University of Hong Kong set up the territory’s first outpatient genetic clinic to provide one-stop diagnosis and consultation services.

The Department of Molecular and Human Genetics of BCM is the world’s leader in the field of medical genetics and genomics, especially in the use of array Comparative Genomic Hybridisation (aCGH) and whole exome sequencing in diagnosis. BCM provides comprehensive training in genetics and high quality clinical genetic services.

One-stop outpatient genetic clinic will be conducted in the Prince of Wales Hospital including genetic counseling, risk assessment and genetic and genomic testing. The scope of services includes congenital malformation, growth disorders, metabolic disease, cancer, recurrent abortion and any diseases associated with genetic defects, such as autism and developmental delay.

For appointment or enquiry on the clinic services, please call (852) 5600 1970.