The O&G Department provides both public services (under Hospital Authority), and private services (under CUHK). Being an tertiary referral centre, the Department receives high risk or complicated cases from other regional hospitals as well as from private sectors. Our laboratories also accept samples from other public and private units for various special tests such as biochemical Down syndrome screening, First-trimester Preeclampsia Screening, Fragile X screening, cytogenetic and molecular genetic testing (karyotyping, qf-PCR, BoBs assay, Fetal chip, aCGH), pre-implantation genetic screening / diagnosis, hormonal assays, oral glucose tolerance test, expanded newborn screening for inborn error of metabolism, etc.

The New Territories East Cluster of the Hospital Authority provides a comprehensive O&G service to 1.7 million populations living in New Territories East through the following three hospitals:

  1. Prince of Wales Hospital:
    • Obstetrics:
      1. general antenatal care, Down syndrome screening, high risk obstetric management, childbirth;
      2. routine fetal morphology scanning (as self-paid item under CUHK)
    • Gynaecology:
      1. gynaecological cancers,
      2. infertility investigation and treatment,
      3. general gynaecology and advanced endoscopic surgery
      4. urinary incontinence and pelvic floor deficiency,
      5. adolescent gynaecology,
  2. Alice Ho Nethersole Hospital: general gynaecological out-patient services
  3. North District Hospital: general gynaecological out-patient services, diagnostic hysteroscopy, day surgery

For enquiry of the services please contact us.