2021.12.09 - Advances in cfDNA Testing for Fetal Aneuploidies

APCMFM E zone Speaker: Prof. Liona Poon, Prof. Mar Gil, Prof. Francesca Garti, Angle Kwan


2021.11.18 - Webinar on Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis (DIE)

FOCUS Webinar Series Speaker: Dr. CHEUNG Chun Wai Eva, Prof. Sukhbir Sony SINGH


2021.11.11 - Iron Deficiency Anemia in O&G

FOCUS Webinar Series Speaker: Dr. Raymond SM WONG, Dr. Henry MK WONG, Dr. Sonia PK KWOK


2021.10.21 - BRCA hereditary cancer diseases

FOCUS Webinar Series Speaker: Dr. Danny Hon Fai So, Dr. Terri McVeigh, Dr. YUNG Kar Kei, Dr. Lee Ho Sze Jacqueline


2021.09.30 - Vulvovaginal candidiasis

FOCUS Webinar Series Speaker: Dr. LAM Sung Nga, Michelle, Prof. NG Wai Yin, Rita

2021.09.23 - Advances in Management of FGR

PCMFM E-zone CUM CRIFM Speaker: Prof. Liona POON, Prof. Christoph LEES, Prof. Francesc FIGUERAS, Dr. Isabella YM WAH

2021.09.09 - Update on the management of ovarian cancer

FOCUS Webinar Series Speaker: Dr. YEUNG Suet Ying Carol, Dr. LEE Kun Min Mimi


2021.08.26 - Latest Update on Preeclampsia

MFM CUM APCMFM E-ZONE Speaker: Prof. Dr. med. Stefan VERLOHREN, Prof. Liona POON, Dr. Lo WONG


2021.08.12 - Assisted Reproductive Technology Treatment Using Donor Gamete

FOCUS Webinar Series Speaker: Dr. CHUNG Hoi Sze Cathy, Prof. CHAN Hoi Yan Celia


2021.08.05 - Asia Oceania Society of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology Webinar MRKH: It is not only vaginoplasty!

FOCUS Webinar Series Speaker: Dr. Patricia IP, Dr. CHEUNG Charleen, Dr. Karen NG, Dr. Symphorosa CHAN, Dr. Rachel HAMBLIN



APCMFM E-zone CUM CRIFM Speaker: Prof. Liona POON, Prof. Ritsuko K POOH, Prof. Winnie CW CHU, Dr. Josephine SC CHONG, Dr. Aden KY CHAN, Dr. Isabella YM WAH, Dr. Ada WT TSE

2021.07.15 - Gynaecology Office Hysteroscopy

FOCUS 2021 Webinar Series – 6 Speaker: Dr. FUNG Wen Ying, Linda, Prof. Attilio Di Spiezio Sardo

2021.06.24 - Seminar on Ultrasound in Endometriosis

FOCUS 2021 Webinar Series – 5 Speaker: Dr. Tracy LAW Sze Man , Dr. Mathew LEONARDI

2021.04.29 - Sexual Dysfunction in Couple With Fertility Concern

FOCUS 2021 Webinar Series – 4 Speaker: Dr. WONG Chi Pang Jonathan, Dr. CHIU Ka Fung Peter, Dr. CHEUNG Lai Ping_

2021.04.15 - Webinar in Urogynaecology – Advances in sacrocolpopexy

FOCUS 2021 Webinar Series – 3 Speaker: Dr. CHEUNG, Yau Kar Rachel, Dr. Xiaoming GUAN

2021.03.25 - ECV & Vaginal Breech Delivery

APCMFM E-zone 11 cum SOPHIE Webinar Series 2 Speaker: Prof. Tak-Yeung LEUNG, Dr. Ada TSE

2021.03.18 - Management of Gender Dysphoria: Experience in Hong Kong

FOCUS 2021 Webinar Series – 2 Speaker: Dr KAM Wai Kwok Irene, Dr YAU Tse Ling Tiffany, Dr CHAN Wai Yin Winnie


APCMFM E-zone 8 Speaker: Dr. Sani Wong, Prof. Tak-Yeung Leung, Dr. Devi Subramanian, Dr. Angel Kwan, Prof. Liona Poon

2021.03.04 - Isolated Tumour Cells and Micrometastasis in Sentinel Lymph Node of Endometrial Cancer

FOCUS 2021 Webinar Series – 1 Speaker: Dr. LEE Ho Sze Jacqueline, Dr. Joshua J.X LI, Dr. Natalia R. GOMEZ-HIDALGO, Prof. Dr. med. Michael MUELLER

2021.01.28 - Seminar on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Speaker: Prof. Jacqueline PW CHUNG, Prof. Ronald CW MA, Dr. LP CHEUNG


APCMFM E Zone 9 Speaker: Prof. Tullio GHI, Prof. Liona POON, Dr. Ada TSE

2021.12.16 - Webinar Series Multidisciplinary Care in Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology

FOCUS Webinar Series Speaker: Dr. Karen NG, Dr. Ho Chung YAU, Dr. Cara WILLIAMS


2021.11.25 - Webinar Series Challenging Cases in Urogynaecology

FOCUS Webinar Series Speaker: Dr. Carmen D CHUNG, Dr. Daniel WONG, Dr. Osanna WAN, Dr. Joyce CHAN