Scientific Program


Friday, Nov 16th, 2018 (Pre-congress Workshop)

Time Topic Venue

Complementary Therapies in Pregnancy and Birth 
(Same content as the workshop on 19 Nov)

Allan Chang Seminar Room, 1/F, Block E, Prince of Wales Hospital

Seminar: Urodymanic Study

Seminar Room 3, 1/F
Postgraduate Education Centre,
Prince of Wales Hospital

Mini-case conference on cardiac disease in pregnancy


Seminar Room 3, 1/F
Postgraduate Education Centre,
Prince of Wales Hospital

Advances in Reproductive Surgery

Kai Chong Tong,
Postgraduate Education Centre,
Prince of Wales Hospital

Saturday, 17th November 2018 (Main-Congress Day 1)

08:45-09:00Open Ceremony
09:00-10:45Maternal Medicine – Session 1
Chairpersons: Prof. Wing-Hung TAM, Dr. Pak-Cheong CHOW
Shaw Auditorium
09:00-09:30Peripartum cardiomyopathy – an updateProf. Uri ELKAYAM
09:30-10:00Pulmonary hypertension in pregnancyDr. Geetha KANDAVELLOA
10:00-10:30Pregnancy in patients with mechanical prosthetic valve – warfarin or LMWH?Prof. Uri ELKAYAM
10:40-10:45Q & A Session
09:00-10:45OGSHK / AOFOG Session
Chairpersons: Dr. Kwok-Keung TANG, Prof. Pak-Chung HO
Kai Chong Tong Hall
09:00-09:30How has our understanding of abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB) changed during the last decade?Dr. Rohana HATHTHOTUWA
09:30-10:00Focused ultrasound therapy for fibroids and adenomyosisDr. Vincent YT CHEUNG
10:00-10:20(17) Maternal Serum Biomarker and Umbilical Cord Plasma in The Histological Chorioamnionitis : Which One is Significant ?Dr. Julian DEWANTININGRUM
10:20-10:40(20) Top Quality of Three Pronuclear (3PN) Blastocyst could be Considered for Transfer: A New Paradigm in IVF TreatmentDr. Shanty Olivia JASIRWAN
10:40-10:50(28) The Use of Pictorial Blood Loss Assessment Chart as an Indicator of Heavy Menstrual Bleeding in Asian WomenDr. Jennifer KO
10:45-11:15Coffee Break and Exhibition
11:15-12:45Maternal Medicine – Session 2
Chairpersons: Dr. Amelia PW HUI, Dr. Lai-Wa LAW
Shaw Auditorium
11:15-11:45Pre-conceptional counselling for women with congenital heart diseaseDr. Geetha KANDAVELLOA
11:45-12:15Thrombocytopenia complicating pregnancy – diagnosis & managementDr. Raymond SM WONG
12:15-12:45Management of hyperthyroidism in pregnancy – challenge and experienceProf. Wing-Hung TAM
Chairpersons: Ms. Florence HAU, Ms. Chit-Ying LAI
Kai Chong Tong Hall
11:15-11:55The latest development of complementary therapies for pregnant womenMrs. Denise TIRAN
11:55-12:20 The use of aromatherapy as a non-pharmacological pain relief method in labourMs. Siu-Ling TSANG
12:20-12:45Effectiveness of a program of massage, controlled breathing and visualization in intrapartum pain reliefMs. Chit-Ying LAI
13:30-14:00Lunch Symposium (Sponsored by GSK)
Chairperson: Prof. Wing-Hung TAM
Shaw Auditorium
Maternal Immunisation: current evidence, guidelines and practiceA/Prof. Michael NISSEN
14:00-15:30General Obstetrics / Intrapartum – Session 1
Chairpersons: Prof. William GROBMAN, Dr. Wai-Lam LAU
Shaw Auditorium
14:00-14:20Elastographic assessment of cervix to predict IOLProf. Tak-Yeung LEUNG
14:20-14:50When should we declare failed induction of labour?Prof. William GROBMAN
14:50-15:10Sonopartogram for prediction of labour outcomesDr. Ada WT TSE
15:10-15:30Does ultrasound improve outcomes in operative delivery?Dr. Wai-Lam LAU
14:00-15:30Reproductive Medicine – Session 1 
Chairpersons: Dr. Lai-Ping CHEUNG, Dr. Jacqueline PW CHUNG
Kai Chong Tong Hall
14:00-14:30Surgical management of congenital uterine anomalies: Part 1Prof. Xiaowu HUANG
14:30-15:00Male infertility: new insightsProf. Tin-Chiu LI
15:00-15:30Role of AMH in infertility careDr. Raymond HW LI
15:30-16:00Coffee Break and Exhibition
16:00-17:30 Urogynaecology – Session 1
Theme: Urinary incontinence
Chairpersons: Dr. Wing-Wa GO, Dr. Symphorosa SC CHAN
Shaw Auditorium
16:00-16:30Non-medical treatment of overactive bladder syndromeProf. Douglas TINCELLO
16:30-16:50 Updates in medical treatment of urinary incontinenceDr. Paulin WS MA
16:50-17:10 Female nocturiaProf. Douglas TINCELLO
17:10-17:30 Use of perineal USG in continent proceduresDr. Rachel YK CHEUNG
16:00-17:30Reproductive Medicine – Session 2 
Chairpersons: Prof. Tin-Chiu LI, Dr. Raymond HW LI
Kai Chong Tong Hall
16:00-16:30Surgical management of congenital uterine anomalies: Part 2Prof. Xiaowu HUANG
16:30-17:00Use of FloSeal in reproductive surgeryProf. Jacqueline PW CHUNG
17:00-17:15The Efficacy of Intrauterine Balloon Dilatation Therapy in the Prevention of Adhesion Reformation after Hysteroscopic AdhesiolysisDr. Xiaoyu SHI
17:15-17:30(23) A Systematic Review on Reproductive Outcomes after Surgical Treatment of Asherman SyndromeDr. Emma J GUO

Sunday, 18th November 2018 (Main-Congress Day 2)

08:45-10:30Fetal Medicine – Session 1
Chairpersons: Prof. Ahmet BASCHAT, Prof. Tak-Yeung LEUNG
Shaw Auditorium
08:45-09:05Fetal growth: what is the true standard?Prof. Daljit Singh SAHOTA
09:05-09:35Role of fetal Dopplers in predicting adverse perinatal outcomesProf. Ahmet BASCHAT
09:35-10:05Fetal growth restriction: what genetic testing should be performed?Prof. Tak-Yeung LEUNG
10:05-10:30Long-term outcomes of growth restricted foetusesDr. Ellis KL HON
08:45-10:30Urogynaecology – Session 2
Theme: Pelvic organ prolapse
Chairpersons: Dr. Cecilia CHEON, Dr Rachel YK CHEUNG
Kai Chong Tong Hall
08:45-09:05Ethnicity and pelvic organ prolapseDr. Rachel YK CHEUNG
09:05-09:25Updates on vaginal pessary— How good is it?Dr. Man-Sum TAM
09:25-09:45Vaginal mesh era ends?Dr. Symphorosa SC CHAN
09:45-10:05ColpoclesisDr. Daniel WONG
10:05-10:30Panel Discussion
10:30-11:00Coffee Break and Exhibition
11:00-12:30Fetal Medicine – Session 2
Chairpersons: Prof. Liona CY POON, Dr. Wing-Cheong LEUNG
Shaw Auditorium
11:00-11:30Prediction and prevention of preeclampsia: implementationProf. Liona CY POON
11:30-12:00Prevention of preeclampsia: what other options do we have?Prof. Ahmet BASCHAT
12:00-12:30Clinical utility of triage test PlGF / sFIT: does it improve outcomes of preeclampsia?Dr. Yvonne KY CHENG
11:00-12:30Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology
Chairperson: Dr. Charleen SY CHEUNG
Kai Chong Tong Hall
11:00-11:25The internet blurringDr. Mireille MERCKX
11:25-11:45Mullerian agenesis-an overviewDr. Karen NG
11:45-12:05Too soon to old, too late to act?Dr. Alice KW YIU
12:05-12:30The inconvenient truth about HPVDr. Mireille MERCKX
13:15-13:45Free Paper Presentations
Chairperson: Prof. Liona CY POON
Shaw Auditorium
13:15-13:22 (26) Randomized Controlled Trial Of Tranexamic Acid’s Effect On Bleeding Length: A Study On DMPA Users With Abnormal Uterine Bleeding Who Receive Low-Dose Oral Contraceptive Pill  Dr. Rabiah ADAWIYAH
13:23-13:30 (37) Endometrial Cells Apoptosis and Proliferation Correlation in Hyperplasia ProcessesDr. Volodymyr ARTYOMENKO
13:30-13:37(22) The Effect Of Time Interval Of Vaginal Ring Pessary Replacement For Pelvic Organ Prolapse On The Complications And Patient Satisfaction: A Randomised Controlled TrialDr. Man Sum TAM
13:38-13:45(38) Effect of Acupuncture On Improvement Of Urinary Incontinence In Hong Kong Chinese WomenDr. Osanna YK WAN
13:45-15:15Fetal Medicine/ Prenatal Genetics – Session 3
Chairpersons: Prof. Richard KW CHOY, Prof. Madhuri HEGDE
Shaw Auditorium
13:45-14:05Preconception and prenatal carrier screeningDr. Olivia YM CHAN
14:05-14:25Clinical utility of low pass whole genome sequencingProf. Richard KW CHOY
14:25-14:50Whole exome sequencing in prenatal diagnosisProf. Madhuri HEGDE
14:50-15:15Implementation of NIPT in the public setting: challenges aheadDr. Olivia YM CHAN
13:45-15:15General Gynaecology and Endoscopy
Chairpersons: Dr. Alyssa SW WONG, Dr. Pong-Mo YUEN
Kai Chong Tong Hall
13:45-14:05Endometriosis and fertilityDr. Michael COOPER
14:05-14:35Controversies in the management of endometriosisDr. Michael COOPER
14:35-14:55Role of intravenous iron in gynaecologyDr. Linda WY FUNG
14:55-15:15Updates in the management of caesarean scar pregnancyDr. Eva CW CHEUNG
15:15-15:45Coffee Break and Exhibition
15:45-17:15General Obstetrics / Intrapartum – Session 2
Chairpersons: Dr. William WK TO, Dr. Meliza CW KONG
Shaw Auditorium
15:45-16:15Should we be recommending labor induction at 39 weeks for low-risk women?Prof. William GROBMAN
16:15-16:45Antenatal management of twins: dos and don’tsProf. Ahmet BASCHAT
16:45-17:15Updates on management of morbidly adherent placenta Dr. Wing-Cheong LEUNG
Dr. Tak-Hong CHEUNG, Dr. Nelson SS Siu
Kai Chong Tong Hall
15:45-16:15DNA methylation in screening and management of gynaecological cancerProf. Hung-Cheng LAI
16:15-16:45Fertility sparing treatments in gynaecological cancerDr. Karen KL CHAN
16:45-17:15Gynaecology robotic surgery, the Tai Wan experienceProf. Hung-Cheng LAI

Monday, 19th November 2018  (Post-Congress Workshop)

Time Topic Venue

Complementary Therapies in Pregnancy and Birth 
(Same content as the workshop on 16 Nov)

Allan Chang Seminar Room, 1/F, Block E, Prince of Wales Hospital

Prediction and Prevention of Pre-eclampsia

Shaw Auditorium & Seminar Room 1-3, 1/F, Postgraduate Education Centre,
Prince of Wales Hospital

Gynaecological Oncology Robotic Surgery

Kai Chong Tong,
Postgraduate Education Centre,
Prince of Wales Hospital

Pelvic endometriosis: Lecture and Live Demonstration

Minimally Invasive Surgical Skills Centre,
3/F, Li Ka Shing Specialist Clinic,
Prince of Wales Hospital