The Development of Gynaecological Endoscopy Team

The Gynaecological Endoscopy Surgery was first introduced to the department in 1988.  It is a new era of changing conventional surgery to minimally invasive surgery with the help from the development of the latest technology. Since then, our team has been pursing advanced technique and research work in the aspects of gynaecological endoscopy and today we are grateful to share our development and achievement.


Inauguration of Gynaecological Endoscopic Unit / Prince of Wales Hospital / The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Mar 1990 – The first laparoscopic salpingectomy for tubal pregnancy in Hong Kong

Sep 1990 – The first endometrial ablation in Hong Kong


Jan 1991 – The first  laparoscopic  ovarian  cystectomy  in  Hong  Kong


Dec 1992 – The first  laparoscopic  myomectomy in  Hong  Kong


Feb 1993 – The first  laparoscopic  hysterectomy in  Hong  Kong


We first introduced outpatient hysteroscopy service in Hong Kong

Apr 1994 – The first laparoscopic adnexal surgery in second trimester of pregnancy


Sep 1999 – We established the first outpatient endometrial ablation services in Hong Kong


Jan 2002 – We introduced one-stop clinic for postmenopausal bleeding in Prince of Wales Hospital

Oct 2002 – The first laparoscopic tubal re-anastomosis in Hong Kong


Sep 2006 – The first to perform  hysterectomy  using  the  Robotic Surgical System in Hong Kong


Mar 2011 – We performed the first single port hysterectomy in our Unit


Mar 2012 – The first hysteroscopic sterilization using Adiana in Hong Kong

Oct 2012 – The first hysteroscopic morcellation using Myosure in Hong Kong


2019 – First case of Micro-wave ablation of fibroid introduced under research setting


2020 – Commencement of Pelvic Endometriosis Clinic


2021 – Introduction hysteroscopic shaver in out-patient setting