OBGYN MSc Stat Module (2016-2018) : Home Page
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This is the home page of the web site for the Statistics Module for the M.Sc. course 2006-2008, organized by the Dept. O&G, CUHK.

The contents were initially developed for the statistics module of the MSc. Midwifery 2014-2016, improved and expanded in response to feedback from that module. The exercises and assessments are further expanded with concepts and terminologies that are more familiar to students from Reproductive Medicine.

The module begins in May, 2017, based on self-learning by the students between May and November, and a multiple session workshop in November 2017. This web site contains the teaching material and exercises required in the module.

The remainder of this page are module descriptions and the site map.

    The module description orientate students to what the module hopes to achieve and provides a conceptual outline to the contents.

    The site map echoes the web pages listed in the menu bar, and provides a brief description of what each page on the web site provides.