OBGYN MSc Stat Module (2016-2018) :
Exercises Explained Page
Introduction Advice to students
Exercises are provided so that the students can become familiar with the handling and analysis of data, and interprete the results. The exercises are also templates for the assessments, so that a student should have no difficulty passing the assessment if he/she is familiar with the concepts and procedures included in the exercises.

Exercises are produced between May and November, 2017. As they are designed to help the students, doing the exercises is entirely voluntary. Professor Chang is available, via the email, to answer any questions from, and give any assistance to, any student that asks, but does not otherwise supervise the conduct of the exercises.

The exercises will also be used during the workshops in November 2017. As the time availble during the workshop is short, explanations and demonstrations are likely to be brief and hurried. Students are therefore encouraged to do all the exercises, to identify those parts that are difficult, so that they have a better focus on what needs to be learned during the workshops

Each set of exercise will have the following format

  • An introduction on what the exercise is about, links to the web pages for theoretical contents, examples, and programs required to complete the exercises
  • A list of similar exercises accompanied by their answers. To conserve space, the exercises, its data, and its answers are contained in a set of nested hidden boxes, which can be revealed by clicking on the header
  • Students are encouraged not to view the answer until he/she made an attempt to complete each exercise first. Please remember the old saying hearing is not as good as seeing, seeing is not as good as doing, and doint is not as good as being wrong. The fastest and surest way to learn is to do the exercise, making mistakes, before finding out what is right.
A Dictionary of Medical Terms is available to help the Reproductive Medicine students with unfamiliar terminologies used by midwives. The terminologies used for Reproductive Medicine exercises should be straight forward, and should pose no difficulty or confusion to the midwives.