OBGYN MSc Stat Module (2016-2018) :
Dictionary for Medical Terms Page
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This web site was initially created to support the statistics module for MSc. Midwifery in 2015. It is extended in 2017 to be used in the statistics module for both MSc, Midwifery and MSc. Reproductive Medicine.

The examples for research, audit, and clinical decision making remains in the midwifery domain, as the midwifery terminology is easier to understand for Reproductive Medicine students than Reproductive Medicine terminology for midwives.

Although every effort was made to use simple and common situations during pregnancy and delivery, some concerns remained that the students from Reproductive Medicine may still be unfamiliar with some of the concepts and terms.

This page therefore presents explanations for medical and midwifery terms used on this web site, specifically to assist Reproductive Medicine students.

This dictionary is not a full and formal one, as it is not intended to be a reference. Explanations are brief and minimal, with the aim of reducing confusion to those unfamiliar with the terms.

Also, the dictionary is not one that cover all medical and midwifery terms. Only terms used on this web site are explained.

The terms are arranged in Alphabetical order