OBGYN MSc Stat Module (2016-2018) :
Contents 1 : Introduction to Probability and Measurements
Please note : the data presented in all course material for the statistical module are generated by computers to demonstrate the methodologies, and should not be confused with actual clinical information
Introduction Probability Statistical Significance Nonparametric statistics Sample Size
This page provides a discussion of Probability, the theoretical basis for all the subsequent contents and calculations in the statistics module.

Although the subjects are discussed in some detail, the students need not memorize all the explanations or the histories of development. Students should try to follow the logic, so that they can understand how to interpret results of statistical calculations.

Students however should understand and remember a number of key technical terms explained in this page, specifically

  • Probability
  • Mean and Standard Deviation
  • Normal Distribution, z, Probability of z, t, degrees of freedom, probability of t
  • One tail and two tail model, 5th and 95th percentile, 95% confidence interval
  • Null Hypothesis, Type I Error, Probability of Type I Error, α p
  • Alternative Hypothesis, Type II Error, Probability of Type II Error, β, Power,
  • Statistically significant and statistically not significant, 95% confidence interval of the difference
  • Parametric and nonparametric data, Transformation
  • Sample Size, Effect Size