Professional Diploma Programme in Genetic Counselling (2018-2020)

Medical genetics and precision medicine are two of the most rapidly evolving areas in medical practice. Genetic Counselling is an essential part in these two fields as the bridge between healthcare professionals and patients.

This program aims to:

  1. Provide participants with the principles and current practices of Genetic Counselling.
  2. Equip students with practical knowledge in providing care for obstetric, paediatric and adult patients with genomic, biochemical and developmental diseases and up-to-date laboratory screening methods.
  3. Serve as a preparatory course for further postgraduate studies in Medical Genetics.

It is designed for:

  1. Clinical professionals (such as obstetricians, paediatricians, physicians, nurses and midwives), who are managing patients and families with genetic diseases in their daily practice.
  2. Laboratorial professionals who are working with genetic and genomic testing.
  3. Clinical and laboratorial professionals who plan for a master degree education in the field of clinical genetics.
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