Research Area Principle Investigator(s)
Gestational Diabetes Prof. WH Tam, Prof. C C Wang
Fetal Growth & Development Prof. Richard Choy, Prof. C C Wang
Genetics & Genomics Prof. Richard ChoyProf. C C Wang
Labour and Delivery Prof. TY Leung, Prof. Liona Poon
Maternal Cardiac Function Prof. Liona Poon
Pre-eclampsia Prof. TY Leung, Prof. Liona Poon
Prenatal Diagnosis and Screening Prof. TY Leung, Prof. Daljit Sahota, Prof. Richard Choy, Prof. Liona Poon
Preterm Birth Prof. TY Leung, Prof. Liona Poon, Prof. Stephen Chim
Twins Prof. TY LeungProf. Liona Poon



Research Area Principle Investigator(s)
Embryology and Spermatogenesis Prof. David Chan
Endometriosis Prof. C C WangProf Hui Xu
Endometrium & Implantation Prof. TC Li, Prof. Jacqueline Chung, Prof. Jennifer Mak
Gynaecological Cancers Prof. Joseph Kwong
Miscarriage Prof. TC LiProf. C C Wang
PCOS Prof. TC Li, Prof. C C Wang
Pelvic Floor & Urogynaecology Dr. S Chan


All applicants are encouraged to contact the principle investigator for the proposed study and application. Please send a copy of resume, certificates and transcripts for initial assessment by email. A brief research proposal is preferable for Ph.D. programme.