Interim Course Assessment
Students’ advancement to end of Year 1 second year of the study will be based on satisfactory performance in the following:

  • Active participation of regular seminar and research meeting within and outside the department;
  • Formal presentation of their literature search and proposed research methodology to members of the Department;
  • Review of the progress in research to date by the Division Head and the individual supervisor. Students will normally be expected to have attended requisite courses in research design, statistics and use of information technology, completed their literature search and written the Introduction to their thesis. An option to convert_ transfer from the M.Phil. to the Ph.D. program may be exercised at this time.

Final Course Assessment and Award
The final assessment will be in the form of:

  • A formal presentation of results and conclusions of the research;
  • A theses to be submitted towards the end of the course. Thesis will be assessed both internally and externally and will require oral defense;
  • Pass the thesis and oral defense will award the degree concerned.

Postgraduate Student Award
A postgraduate student award will be awarded to a student with the best publication in the academic year.