Master of Science in Obstetric and Midwifery Care

Alumni (2018 – 2020)


Fion Chan

Ms. CHAN, Hiu Yin Fion

Learning in times of adversity is what I have been feeling especially during the second term of my master course. With the Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement and the coronavirus, I still managed to overcome them one by one. The harder life gets, the tougher I am.

I had not been studying for a while before. However, I was very attracted by the topics introduced in this course, including normal birth, maternal and infant nutrition, clinical leadership, grief counselling, IVF, research and obstetric ultrasound. These topics are very practical. For example, encountering counselling cases, grief counselling course acquaints me with the grieving process and explain how to support someone going through it, also exploring the various types of bereavement advising the specifics of how to help in each situation.

Notably, I see the overseas UK clinical placement an important, precious and unforgettable benchmark in the course of my life. I witnessed the power of continual care provided by One to One Midwives in the UK, who are a group of experienced and highly motivated midwives dedicated to providing midwifery care which places women and their families at its core. This unique care, with its cornerstone being the pregnant women and their families, is worth our attention and further studying in order to convey the essence of such service to the Hong Kong midwives in the next generation.

In addition, we also went to Matilda for the clinical leadership clinical attachment. This gave us an opportunity to follow Ms. Sing, a nurse leader, for a day and understand what it takes to succeed in the leader’s field.

In summary, this master program has given us fruitful experience. The more effort you make, the more you can take from it. Sign up for the program before you regret!

Maggie Chan
Ms. CHAN, Maggie

It has been a big decision in taking up a master course. Regardless of the course fee, I should also consider whether I can devote enough time on the course. As owning at least a master degree is the current trend, and it can broaden my horizon in this field, applicable and beneficial to my career in the long run, there is no excuse not to take this step.

Through taking this course, other than consolidating my knowledge of the theories I was taught and currently practicing, I also gained more in-depth knowledge on advanced midwifery practice and critical care. Besides that, I learned many new ideas which I was not touched before, e.g. Ultrasound, Reproductive medicine, etc. The most valuable thing was the chance of local private hospital visit, overseas exploration program to UK for one-to-one-midwifery practice with sharing session for midwives from all clusters afterwards, the simulation interview of advanced practice nurse… etc.

Moreover, I made new friends from different hospitals. We can share and learn from each hospital practice and cooperate with each other during group project. Now we become good friends and can share daily affairs even completing our course.

This is really a comprehensive course which includes most of the areas that a midwife needs to learn of. It not only provides academic professional knowledge, but also training of teamwork, presentation skill, interview skill, etc… Therefore, I highly recommend this course.

Wendy Lee

Ms. LEE, Wendy

Two years has passed by quickly, it has been a fruitful and challenging two years for me as it is not easy working and at the same time studying part time. This course has equipped me with all-rounded midwifery knowledge. From nutrition requirements to obstetric ultrasound. Among all courses, I am particularly interested in the course about natural birth taught by professor Soo Downe, it enlightens me to see how I could benefit mothers in my labour ward with the settings and resources in the current department. It also changed my attitude in providing mothers with care that best suits them.

I am also particularly grateful that this course provided me with the opportunity to visit birth centers abroad. The home birth experience is England really amazes me and widen my scope of view, knowing that birth comes in a lot of forms, and how to appreciate the birthing experience. That was a lifetime experience that I would never forget.

Another topic that benefits me most is the topic about grief in pregnancy. It provides me with specific and unique experience sharing about dealing with grief in pregnancy which is a rare topic to touch on in other courses.

Thankyou Ms Lai for organizing such a meaningful and fruitful course for us. It does not only focus on academic needs but also allow us to gain knowledge from different aspects of care. I will remember what I’ve learnt in the past two years and try my best to fully utilize them in my working area.  

Hui Kaka

Ms. HUI, KaKa

The time I enrolled this course was the time I planned to have a “rainbow” baby (a baby after a miscarriage). Most of my friends and colleagues were not agreed with my decision. They told me it was too much and hard for me, asking me to rest more. However, my heart told me “I want to do it! When you are passionate what you are doing, you would enjoy it no matter how hard it is. ”

After 2 years hard and tight schedule, it proved my thought and I had my lovely baby girl.

I am really appreciated and treasured every moment I spent in the course as it is inspiring and practical, providing me a deeper understanding of my professional development. It stood out from the courses I found in other countries because most of the modules are attractive and up-to-date such as Maternal and Infant Nutrition, Normal birth, overseas hospital visit, Hypnotherapy, Grief in Pregnancy, etc. It just likes instilling a different angle into my normal practices. The lecturers are passionate to their expertise and shared individual views and knowledges to us.

Other than the courses, I met friends from different hospitals and we shared the same views and heart to improve the existing practices. We learnt how and what should be done to introduce an evidence-based practices in our clinical area together. We also shared our experiences and gave advises to each other. It is grateful to meet such good friends.

Despite the fruitful content of the course, the schedule is well-planned and student-friendly. As most of us are having shift working hours, it was difficult to attend all the classes. Online video could help us pick up the learning and making sure we would not miss anything. A big thanks to our programme director Ms Lai and assistance Ms Sio Joey.


Angela Tai

Ms. TAI, Angela

This master program in Midwifery and Obstetrics care is undoubtedly fruitful and meaningful to me, be it personally or at work. I started this course when my newborn baby was only 2 months old. I gained a lot from the first course we had, which was about maternal and infant nutrition. I am glad that I had this course timely so that I could have a better early life nutrition for my baby. Besides that, this master program covers a large variety of areas in midwifery, including ultrasound, leadership, communications like grief counselling, lactation and complementary therapies like hypnobirthing. This broadened my horizon and expanded my view of the global midwifery practices.

The most impressed experience was the overseas hospital visit in England. We were arranged to visit the One to One midwifery service, which is a community-based continuity care for pregnant women. Care will be provided by a named midwife throughout the whole pregnancy, birth and postnatal period at women’s home. Midwives play an important role in giving professional advice, support and education to the pregnant women and their families. Unlike the clinic or hospital setting with lots of advanced technological support, midwives have nothing to rely on while doing home visits, but just with the simplest tool and their highly sensitive hands. I am impressed and surprised by the way midwives treat pregnant women with their midwifery wisdom during a home visit. This is a good chance to learn the enhanced level of professional care.

It is an inspiring midwifery course and it is much more than what you expected. Take the chance to explore in the midwifery world!


Bonnie Yim

Ms. YIM, Bonnie

This is a fruitful course. The contents of the course are well designed. The lecturers, both local and overseas are well experienced. It is valuable in learning from their experience. This broadens my horizon about midwifery over the world. This aids me to think about rooms for improvement in current practice. 

The knowledge was delivered in various ways to support theory, for example, practicum for the USG, statistics classes, interview practice and wound repair workshop were arranged. A sharing from a client who experienced stillbirth and the interactive environment during counseling promote learning and understanding.

The most impressive experience was the overseas study trip in England. The trip was well organized, and the chance to witness water birth was incredible. Overall, it is a well organized, fruitful, valuable course. My knowledge has been much enriched. I would highly recommend others to the course.