Master of Science in Obstetric and Midwifery Care

Alumni (2016 – 2018)

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Lam Wing Yan
Ms. LAM, Wing Yan

The master program is worth than expectation. It integrates both theoretical and clinical practice of up-to-date midwifery practices. Variety of areas about midwifery is covered in the program including USG, lactation, leadership and communication, complementary therapies like hypnobirthing and mindfulness. Clinical placement in USG course helps me integrates knowledge in to practices with the use of technology. Overseas experts are invited to give lectures. They widen my views in advanced midwifery practice and leadership in the profession. I am inspired by the concept of normal birth and how the midwifery practices to achieve this in foreign countries.

The overseas hospital visit is a valuable experience to explore midwifery practice in Australia. I got the opportunities to visit different obstetrics units and services_ in hospitals as well as the University for training midwives. The most memorable part is the postnatal home visits. The midwife provided postnatal assessment and tailor-made advice for mothers in baby care according to their home settings and needs in the visits. I also had a great time to share practices in our own places with local midwife.

Though lots of time and efforts are needed to spend in the program, the rewards I get are much more than expected. It is highly recommended joining in the master program and the overseas visit.

Ko Wing Sze
Ms. KO, Wing Sze

Taking the Master of Science in Obstetric and Midwifery Care is genuinely a non-regrettable choice. Despite it required investment of myriads of time and energy for lessons, assignments and examinations, the course was valuable taking for it broadened my horizon with so many new inputs like hypnobirthing and mindfulness. What’s more, my midwifery knowledge was further advanced with the leadership module and USG module.

The course provided us opportunity to visit overseas hospitals. We mainly went to the St. George Hospital and Sutherland Hospital in Sydney this year. I noticed the practice in the two hospitals were similar to that in Hong Kong, but to a better extent. For example, the midwives’ clinics there offered clients more time for assessment and interaction between midwives and clients. In addition, the atmosphere inside the labour rooms was more silent and peaceful than those in Hong Kong. Also, midwives in Sydney offered home visits for postnatal women and their newborns which were so inspiring. All in all, I gained a lot from this master course.

Ms. NG, Shuk Wai

Studying in this master course reboots my enthusiasm in midwifery. It covers both high touching topics such as normal birth and lactation, and high technology topics such as ultrasound and artificial reproductive technology. Most of the speakers are the expertise in their own area. They do not only deliver the knowledge but also stimulate our thinking to revisit our own current midwifery practice. They can demonstrate how to provide evidence based practice in enhancing the quality of service for both mothers and their families. They do not just ‘talk’ about the theory but share their day to day experience with us. for me. It is like a dream in attending the lectures. But the dream can come true with efforts in making the changes.

Ho Wing Ming Rebecca
Ms. HO, Wing Ming Rebecca

It is quite a difficult decision to enroll in this master course. I am longing for a master course that can broaden my knowledge on midwifery. I heard about this course from my colleague which meet my expectation, but it is also quite demanding that requires us to have lessons on 2 nights +/- 1 full day per week. I need to take care of 2 young children, and have voluntary work which cannot give up. “Can I handle it? Is it worth?” I am asking myself. It is worth, the course is taught by experience doctors, midwives and professional speakers. Overseas guest speakers, which are leader of that topic, were invited to share experience and up-to-date information and researches to us. It widens my vision on global midwifery.

The optional oversea visit in Sydney really inspires me. The way they work, the respect they have from the pregnant women and the teaching facilities in the university. The most memorable experience is home visit from the midwifery team, they need to have good driving skills and assessment technique. I may not get this kind of experience if I did not take this course. Don’t make excuse, if you want to learn more about midwifery, take the course. I can make it, and you can also make it.

Yvonne LeeMs. LEE, Yvonne

This unique master program in Midwifery and Obstetrics care does not only enhance my knowledge in midwifery care but also broaden my vision in midwifery practice. My passion in midwifery carries on increasing. The course was well organized and covered the most essential topics from normal birth, maternal and infant nutrition, leadership, counseling to advanced technology in obstetrics care. I was impressed by the ultrasound lessons, lessons on hypnobirthing and perineal repairing workshop. Moreover, the speakers from both overseas and local are specialist and they are passionate to teach. They shared lots of treasured experiences that inspired me lots. I have no regrets about studying this master program, although we had hard time to manage the whole week study classes from our working schedule. It’s worth to study this master program.

I had unforgettable memories in the study trip to Australia in May. We had chances to visit different Obstetrics units in Australia, shared the experiences in midwifery care and gained greater understanding in their health care system, how they could promote normal birth and the different midwifery practices between Australia and Hong Kong. The midwifery care team in Australia inspired me very much, they support the women and their families well, they play great efforts in promoting normal birth and they pay much attention to the informed choices for the women. It’s very interesting to join their team to the home visits. Although it is optional to join this study trip, I still highly recommended you to join.

This master program is great beyond my expectations. You can get more than you expect. Don’t miss the chance.