Master of Science in Medical Genetics (2020-2022)

Students must complete 30 units with 14 required courses with clinical attachement within the two-year normative period of study.

Courses Taken in 2020-21

Course Code Course Unit
CNGT5001 Clinical Molecular Genetics 2
CNGT5002 Clinical Biochemical Genetics 2
CNGT5003 Clinical Genetics 2
CNGT5004 Clinical Cytogenetics 2
CNGT5005 Population Genetics 1
CNGT5006 Genome Informatics 1
CNGT5007 Genetic Counselling 1


Courses Taken in 2021-22

Course Code Course Unit
CNGT6001 Scientific Skills, Lab Safety and Management 1
CNGT6002 Prenatal and Paediatrics Genetics 2
CNGT6003 Adult and Cancer Genetics 2
CNGT6004 Advanced Clinical Genetics 3
CNGT6005 Frontiers in Genomic Medicine and Laboratory Technologies 1
CNGT6006 Ethics and Law 1
CNGT6007 Research Project 9