Master of Science in Medical Genetics (2020-2022)

This is the first Master degree programme tailored made for:

  1. Clinical professionals (such as obstetricians, paediatricians, physicians, nurses and midwives) who are managing patients and families with genetic diseases in their daily practice;
  2. Laboratorial professionals who are working on genetics and genomic testing; and
  3. Applicants working in related fields who would like to develop their career as genetic counselors.

Medical genetics is one of the most rapidly evolving areas in medical practice. The diagnosis of rare genetic diseases has become achievable because of advances in the related technology, especially in the genomic medicine. Exome sequencing and whole genome sequencing are emerging as even more powerful diagnostic tools that may revolutionize genetic diagnosis. The genomic approach will not only make diagnosis and risk assessment with greater precision, but also help to gain insights into the pathogenesis of genetic disorders, which may lead to new preventive measures or therapy. The program prepares graduates with practical knowledge in providing care for obstetric, pediatric and adult patients with cytogenetic, biochemical, and developmental diseases, and gain laboratory experience in a chosen area of medical genetics.