Research and development of hearing loss-targeted exome panel for clinical applicationPI: Richard Choy
CoI: Ye Cao
Clinical evaluations and applications of innovative optical coherence tomography imaging system (OCTISTM) in endometriumPI: TC Li
CoI: Ronald Wang
"Bone Cubic"™ Ssecondary Ddevelopment - Ttherapeutic effects of "Bone Cubic"™ combined with anti-resorption / anabolic agent in the treatment of osteoporotic and non-osteoprotic fracturesPI: Tao Tang
CoI: Richard Choy KW, Ronald Wang C C, Shirly Deng Y
Prodrug of green tea epigallocatchin-3-gallate (pro-EGCG) as a novel anti-angiogenesis agent for endometriosisPI: C C Ronald Wang
Development of highly effective siRNA for potential RNAi targets and siRNA delivery system for cervical cancer treatmentPI: Tony Chung
CoI: Richard Choy, Tao Tang, CCRonald Wang

updated on Sept 2017