A randomised control_ trial of three-dimensional versus two-dimensional ultrasound guided embryo transfer in women undergoing artificial reproductive technology treatment.PI: TC Li
CoI: Sotirios Saravelos; Grace Kong
Investigation into the fungal microbiome (mycobiome) in the cervices of cervical insufficiency patients receiving cerclage treatment and resulting in term or preterm birthPI: Stephen Chim
CoI: TY Leung, Annie Hui
Randomized double-blinded placebo controlled trial of green tea extract for endometriosisPI: Ronald Wang
CoI: Eva Cheung, Gene Man
Perioperative prophylactic internal iliac artery balloon occlusion in the prevention of postpartum haemorrhage in placenta praevia: a randomized controlled trialPI: Yvonne Cheng
CoI: TY Leung, Daljit Sahota
Follicular fluid hepatitis B viral level in female Hepatitis B carriers seeking in-vitro fertilization (IVF) therapy and treatment outcome: a prospective observational studyPI: Jennifer Mak
CoI: Marran Leung, TC Li, Terence Lao
Placental trophoblast response and fetal hepatitis b virus (HBV) infection in pregnancies complicated by maternal HBV carriagePI: Terence Lao
CoI: TY Leung
A prospective observational study to validate the reliability of the early pregnancy viability scoring systemPI: YK Wan
CoI: Grace Kong
Gestational temporal behavior and cut-off values of soluble fms-like tyrosine kinase-1, placental growth factor and its ratio as a diagnostic test for pre-eclampsia in ChinesePI: Yvonne Cheng
CoI: Daljit Sahota, TY Leung
A study on the relationship between maternal iodine and thyroid status, and autoimmune thyroid disease, on placental thyroid and iodide transport system in Chinese womenPI: Terrance Lao
CoI: Yvonne Cheng
Whole-transcriptome analysis of maternal blood for identification of rna markers for predicting spontaneous preterm birth among preterm labor womenPI: Stephen Chim
CoI: TY Leung
Clinical application of an established target-enrichment massively parallel sequencing method for genetic screening and diagnosis of hereditary hearing loss patients with normal arraycgh resultPI: Richard Choy
CoI: TY Leung
Characterisation of trisomic transcriptome and gene dosage imbalance in fetal brains of down's syndrome by comprehensive rna sequencingPI: C C Wang
Functional characterization of PCDH10 in endometrioid endometrial adenocarcinomaPI: HT Wang
CoI: C C Wang, Y Zhao
Prenatal diagnosis of pathogenic genomic imbalance in fetuses with increased nuchal translucency but normal karyotyping using microarray-based comparative genomic hybridizationPI: TY Leung
CoI: Richard Choy, Dalijit Sahota
Study on the impact of primary caesarean section on subsequent gynaecological function and disorder in primiparous womenPI: Terence Lao
CoI: Symphorosa Chan
A prospective observational study on pelvic floor disorders related to pregnancyPI: Symphorosa Chan
CoI: Richard Choy, TY Leung
Diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities: the application and use of microarray technology in the Hong Kong health servicePI: Richard Choy
CoI: TK Lau, TY Leung, C C Wang
Embryotoxicity studies of Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae extracts for skeletal malformation in micePI: C C Wang
Study on the effect of pregnancy on the activity and infectivity of hepatitis B virus in women with chronic hepatitis B infectionPI: Terence Lao
CoI: TY Leung, SK Suen
Quality of life and symptom measurements in Chinese women with pelvic floor disorders - validation study of plevic floor distress inventory and pelvic floor impact questionnairePI: Symphorosa Chan
CoI: Rachel Cheung, Richard Choy, Jacqueline Lee, WL Pang
Safety studies on commonly used Chinese herbal medicines during pregnancyPI: C C Wang
CoI: TK Lau
Melamine toxicity in fetus and infantPI: C C Wang
CoI: TK Lau

updated on Sept 2017