Cell-free DNA in embryo culture medium of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) for preimplantation genetic screeningPI: Grace Kong
CoI: Queenie Yeung, Richard Choy, TC Li, Jacqueline Chung
The impact of gestational diabetes mellitus and vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy on children's cardiometabolic risk and methylationPI: WH Tam
CoI: Yvonne Cheng, Stephen Chim, Terence Lao, Daljit Sahota, Wang C C
Capturing early events in human parturition based on whole-transcriptome analysis of maternal blood before and after spontaneous onset of labor at termPI: TY Leung
CoI: Yvonne Cheng, Stephen Chim
An investigation into the functional significance of the microbiome of the endometrium in women with reproductive failurePI: Stephen Chim
CoI: Jin Huang, TC Li
Identification of clinically relevant genomic aberrations from Chinese women with cervical adenocarcinomaPI: Tony Chung
Study of PD-L1-mediated tumor immunosuppression that contributes to ovarian cancer recurrencePI: Joseph Kwong
CoI: TH Cheung, C C Wang
Placental transcriptome analysis using RNA sequencing in monochorionic twin pregnancies complicated by selective growth restrictionPI: TY Leung
CoI: Yvonne Cheng, Stephen Chim, Richard Choy, C C Wang
Development of a prediction model for pre-eclampsia using a combination of clinical biophysical and biochemical markersPI: TY Leung CoI: LW Law, Dalijit Sahota
Study of immunogenic cell death induced by paclitaxel in high-grade serous ovarian cancerPI: Joseph Kwong
Functional characterization of a large intergenic non-coding RNA (lincRNA) in muscle stem cells and muscle regenerationPI: HT Wang CoI: C C Wang
Application of massive parallel sequencing for mutation discovery and genetic diagnosis of congenital hearing loss in Chinese populationPI: Richard Choy
Lymphotoxin controls tumor-host interactions in ovarian cancerPI: Joseph Kwong
Detection and validation of chromosome copy number variants in fetuses with multiple malformations but normal karyotypePI: Richard Choy CoI: TK Lau, C C Wang
Evaluations of in vitro embryotoxicity tests for Chinese herbal medicinesPI: C C Wang
CoI: TK Lau
The role of Transcripts of Ultra-conserved Regions (T-UCRs) in skeletal myogenesisPI: HT Wang
Development of spermatocyte-specific in vivo RNA interference for the study of gene function during spermatogenesisPI: YB Han
CoI: CJ Haines, C C Wang
Systematic development of DNA methylation markers for the noninvasive prenatal detection of fetal Trisomy 13 and Trisomy 18PI: Stephen Chim
CoI: TY Leung
The role of miR-29 in Duchenne muscular dystrophyPI: HT Wang
Interactions between glycodelin and first trimester trophoblast: implications for early pregnancy loss in diabetes mellitusPI: Terence Lao
Maternal hyperglycaemia and cardio-metabolic risk of children offspring - a follow up on HAPO studyPI: WH Tam
CoI: MS Rogers
Systematic identification and characterisation of placental microRNAs in maternal plasmaPI: Stephen Chim
CoI: TK Lau
Application of microarray-based comparative genomic hybridization in prenatal cytogenetic diagnosisPI: TK Lau
CoI: Richard Choy, C C Wang
Expression profiling and functional analysis of microRNAs in endometrial cancer in Hong Kong women: identification of novel molecular markers and therapeutic targets in endometrial malignancyPI: Tony Chung
CoI: YF Wong
updated on Sept 2017