Gynae-oncology Team


The doctors in our Gynaecologic Oncology Center provide comprehensive and advanced treatment for gynaecologic cancers. The Gynaecologic Oncology medical team includes renowned accredited gynaecologic oncologists performing state of the art surgeries for women with gynaecologic cancers.

Dr. CHEUNG Tak Hong
Dr. YIM So Fan
Dr. LEE Ho Sze Jacqueline

Our colposcopy nurses perform colposcopies for women with abnormal Pap smears and provide counselling on pre-invasive disease of cervix. Our center also has nursing team providing support for patient’s recovery after operations, including pain nurses and stoma care nurses.

SIU Ka Yee
Nurse Colposcopist
Joseph KWONG
YIU Yuk Ching, Kate
YIU Yuk Ching, Katherine
Part-time Research Assistant