The fetal medicine provides a wide range of prenatal screening, diagnostic, therapeutic and counseling_services, to pregnant women in Hong Kong and oversea, as either public and private patients.

Prenatal Screening
  • 1st trimester Down syndrome screening using Nuchal translucency and biochemical markers (OSCAR)
  • 2nd trimester biochemical screening
  • Non-invasive prenatal testing of Down syndrome using circulating cell free fetal DNA (NIPT)
  • 2nd trimester Fetal morphological scan
  • Fragile X-screening
Prenatal Diagnostic procedures
Fetal genetic diagnosis
Fetal therapy
  • Fetoscopic laser for twin-twin transfusion syndrome
  • Selective fetocide for complicated twin pregnancies
  • Shunting / pleurodesis for fetal pleural effusion
  • Other therapy such as fetoscopic endotracheal balloon occlusion
Genetic Counseling
  • Explanation and discussion with parents for abnormal or complicated genetic test results, with guidance on the future investigation and management