CUI Long

Cui Long

Current Position:
Postdoctoral Fellow

Office Phone:
(852) 2352 1798


1EDNRB isoform 3 confers Temozolomide resistance in A375 melanoma cells by modulating membrane potential, reactive oxygen species and mitochondrial Ca2+
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2Overexpression of CCDC69 activates p14ARF/MDM2/p53 pathway and confers cisplatin sensitivity
Cui L, Zhou F, Chen C, Wang CC
Journal of Ovarian Research Jan 2019 12:4, 9 pages
3Inhibition of coiled coil domain containing protein 69 enhances platinum-induced apoptosis in ovarian cancer cells
Cui L, Liang B, Yang Y, Zhu M, Kwong J, Zheng H, Wang  CC
Oncotarget 2017 Sep, 8 (60), pp. 101634-101648
4Genetic Variants Associated with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: A Meta-analysis and Subgroup Analysis.
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5Prognostic Value of Circulating Tumor Cells and Disseminated Tumor Cells in Patients with Ovarian Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.
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