Scientific Programme

 Main Congress Day 1 (April 12, 2019) 
0830-1120Joint Opening and Session I
0830-0900Opening ceremony
0900-0940Single Fetal Cell Testing for Noninvasive Prenatal Diagnosis: Revolutionizing prenatal testingA Beaudet
0940-1005Advances in in-utero fetal therapyTY Leung
1005-1030产前分子遗传学诊断的应用和进展X Bian
1030-1055NIPT: Global Trend and DevelopmentTY Leung
1055-1120无创产前基因检测的临床实践:从NIPT, NIPT Plus到NIPT单基因病于福利
1120-1240Session II - Multiple pregnancy: genetic diagnosis and discordant malformationWC Leung
刘俊涛 (PUMCH)
1120-1140NIPT in twins & high order pregnanciesR Choy
1140-1200MCDA with discordant genotypesY Zhou
1200-1220Twin pregnancy with discordant malformationsTK Lo
1220-1240Invasive diagnostic procedures in twin pregnancyYH Ting
1240-1400Lunch break
1400-1600Session III - MC twins: TRAPS & cord entanglementS Kumar
M Chen
1400-1420Not to be trapped by TRAPS: diagnostic pitfallsL Jing
1420-1440TRAPS: How to assess the severity and predict outcomesM Kilby
1440-1500TRAPS: Early or late intervention?TY Leung
1500-1520TRAPS: Intrafetal laser, radiofrequency or cord occlusion?S Suresh
1520-1530Abstract presentation
A new approach for fetal DNA fraction estimation and aneuploidy detection in NIPT of multiple pregnancies
HC Yan
1540-1600Tea Break
1600-1740Session IV - Multiple pregnancy antenatal and intrapartum managementT Draycott
1600-1620Should we give aspirin to all multiple pregnancies?S Kumar
1620-1640When is the best timing for delivery of DCDA and MCDA twins?KY Leung
1640-1700When is the best timing for delivery of MCMA twins?A Mikhailov
1700-1720Vaginal delivery for twins: technical tipsA Hui
1720-1740PPH in multiple pregnancy: prevention and treatmentT Draycott
 Main Congress Day 2 (Apr 13 2019) 
0830-1050Session V - MCDA: TOPS & TAPSM Kilby
KY Leung
0830-0900Current diagnostic criteria and staging of TOPS: is there any controversy?Y Ville
0900-0920Fetoscopic laser: Technical tipsS Suresh
0920-0940TAPS: Diagnostic challengesM Kilby
0940-1000TAPS: when and how to intervene?S Kumar
1000-1020Short cervix before laser: any preventive measure?Y Ville
1030-1050Tea Break
1050-1240Session VI - MCDA: sIUGRS Suresh
Y Zhou
1050-1120sIUGR: diagnostic criteria and classificationL Poon
1120-1140Type 1: how likely it will progress to Type 2 or Type 3?M Kilby
1140-1200Type 2 with early onset: early selective fetocide, laser or expectant management?S Kumar
1200-1220Type 3: diagnostic and management challengesY Ville
1220-1230Abstract presentation
The Clinical Characteristics of 362 Cases with Selective Intrauterine Growth Restriction in Monochorionic Diamniotic Twins

1240-1400Lunch break
1400-1600Session VII - MCDA: One IUDY Ville
MM Zheng
1400-1425What is the underlying patho-mechanism causing death or neurological damages of the co-twin?S Kumar
1425-1450Which types of surviving fetuses is at higher risk of neurological damages?M Kilby
1450-1515How to assess brain damage of the co-twin prenatally?Y Ville
1515-1540How to manage after one IUD?L Poon
1540-1600Tea Break
1600-1740Session VIII - Multiple pregnancy and pretermA Mikhailov
1600-1620Fetal reduction for multiple pregnancies to reduce preterm rateA Mikhailov
1620-1640Interval delivery to prolong 2nd twin’s gestationKW Cheung
1640-1700Progesterone: does it work in twin pregnancy?L Poon
1700-1720Cervical cerclage: does it work in twin pregnancy?A Hui
1720-1740Cervical ring pessary: does it work in twin pregnancy?TY Leung
THE END of APCMFM Main Program