Symposium 4: Saving early-onset IUGR babies from IUD or prematurity (08:00-10:30) Speaker Country
Acute complications and long term prognosis of severe IUGR babies: paediatric perspective S Lam HK
When is the optimal timing of delivery for early onset IUGR S Kumar Australia
Intergrowth chart: Does one standard fit all? J Hyett Australia
Which Investigations are helpful in identifying the causes of early onset IUGR? WC leung HK
Statins in pregnancy: The promising future? PC Tan Malaysia
Abstract presentation    
Symposium 6: Prenatal genetic Diagnosis – impact on perinatal mortality and morbidity (11:00-1300) Speaker Country
Are invasive diagnostic procedures unsafe? D Sahota HK
aCGH increase TOP for unknown significance? F Grati Italy
Parental carrier screening reduce prevalence of abnormal fetuses? TK Lau HK
Pre-implantation screening and diagnosis to reduce fetal abnormalities and TOP SC Chong Singapore
NIPT: The contingency model Raman Malaysia
‘fetoplacental mosaicisms and the impact on cfDNA testing’ F Grati Italy
Discussion All  
Symposium 8: Reducing perinatal mortalites from prematurity (14:15-16:30) Speaker Country
Universal screening for cervical length: Are we ready? Ritchie Knox Malaysia
The use of Progesterones or cervical ring pessary in preterm prevention: questions remained unanswered D Farine Canada
Abdominal cerclage: the only hope for patients with very short cervix? KY Lee Korea
Magnesium sulphate for fetal neuroprotection: still a controversy? G Dekker Australia
Which tocolytic agent get the best evidence-based support?   HK
Reducing prematurity related mortalites: The paediatrician’s perspective Jacqueline Ho Malaysia
Grand round 2: Management of difficult cases in Maternal Medicine (16:45-18:00) Speaker Country