The New Territories East Cluster_ of the Hospital Authority provides a comprehensive O&G service to 1.7 million populations living in New Territories East through the following three hospitals:

  1. Prince of Wales Hospital:
    1. Obstetrics:
      1. general antenatal care, Down syndrome screening, high risk obstetric management, childbirth;
      2. routine fetal morphology scanning (as self-paid item under CUHK)
    2. Gynaecology:
      1. gynaecological cancers,
      2. infertility investigation and treatment,
      3. general gynaecology and advanced endoscopic surgery
      4. urinary incontinence and pelvic floor deficiency,
      5. adolescent gynaecology,
  2. Alice Ho Nethersole Hospital: general gynaecological out-patient services_
  3. North District Hospital: general gynaecological out-patient services_, diagnostic hysteroscopy, day surgery

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