OBGYN MSc Stat Module (2016-2018)
StatPgm 3a. Compare Two Measurements
Please note : the data presented in all course material for the statistical module are generated by computers to demonstrate the methodologies, and should not be confused with actual clinical information
Also : Programs can have default example data pre-inserted, or inserted when the Example button is clicked, for testing. Students can replace them with his/her own data
StatPgm 3a i. Sample Size for Comparing two means
Difference To Be Detected : Anticipated SD :

StatPgm 3a ii. Compare two sets of n, means and Standard Deviations
Note : Raw data can be converted to mean and Standard Deviation using the utility program.
NumbermeanStandard Deviation
Group 1
Group 2

StatPgm 3a iii. Compare two sets of measurements, using raw data

The data is a table with two columns
   Each row data from a case
   Column 1 : a single character or word designating group
   Column 2 : measurement of that case
MacroPlot Codes