OBGYN MSc Stat Module (2016-2018) :
Exercises 4 : Statistics for Meta-analysis Page
Please note : the data presented in all course material for the statistical module are generated by computers to demonstrate the methodologies, and should not be confused with actual clinical information
Introduction Exercises
Exercise 4 contains exercises for statistics for meta-analysis. As meta-analysis can be used for all effect size and their Standard Error, the theoretical contents and calculations that are used to produce effect size are all of the contents of the module other than those for predictions. Likewise, the calculations to be carried out use most of the StatPgm algorithms. Therefore no specific ones will be linked from this panel, and it is assumed that, by this stage, students will have no difficulty finding the contents and the algorithms on this site.

The Microsoft Office package of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, or similar software, should be activated during the exercise. Excel is a useful tool to manipulate data, Powerpoint is useful to edit graphics, and the results should be copied to and edited in a Word file.

Please note : The data in the exercises on this page were generated by computers to deliberately having problems with heterogeneity and publication bias, so that the students are encouraged to work their way through the problem and gain some skills in addition to just running the computer programs.

It is envisaged that some students would be initially confused or even intimidated by the complexity involved. Students are however encouraged to try and seek help if necessary, and not get to worried about initial difficulties.