OBGYN MSc Stat Module (2016-2018) : Course Preparation
Requirements Before November 2017

To be able to cope with the module, you will require the following

English : The course is conducted in English

Mathematics : We assumed that you have at least high school level mathematics, and able to recognize the mathematical symbols and concepts in the following list.

  • +, -, *, /, as mathematical operators of add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Please note that, in computers we use * and not x as a symbol for multiply.
  • Algebra, the use of variables such as y = a + bx meaning the value of y is a plus b multiplied by x.
  • Functions, particularly sqrt(), log(), exp(), sin(), cos()

Midwifery Terminology and Concepts : The course material was originally produced for midwives, and demonstrated using common midwifery scenarios, such as gestational age, sex of babies, birth weight, duration of first second and third stage, blood loss, and others. It is assumed that Midwifery students will understand these terms, and Reproductive Medicine students not familiar with midwifery terminology will be able to cope by access the Dictionary or use the email to ask questions

Computers : We assumed that you will :

  • Have access to a computer and able to do the following with it
    • Switch it on and off,
    • Attach thumb drive and other devices
    • Able to search and find files
    • Know how to use the Web browser, enter data into text boxes, and click on links and buttons
    • Able to copy and paste blocks of text, data, or graphic bitmap from one application to another, using the shorthand keys
      • Copy : ctrl+c for Windows, Command+c for Apple Mac
      • Paste : ctrl+v for Windows, Command+v for Apple Mac
  • Able to bring a lap top to the workshops, or to be able to share one with another student.
  • Able to communicate using emails and have an email address.