OBGYN MSc Stat Module (2016-2018) :
Contents_2a. Survey for Means and Proportions
Please note : the data presented in all course material for the statistical module are generated by computers to demonstrate the methodologies, and should not be confused with actual clinical information
Introduction Standard Deviation Mean Proportion

This page supports the programs in StatPgm 2a. One Group : Survey for Means and Proportions, and discusses one of the most common research models, the Single Group Survey to establish population Standard Deviations, means, or proportions.

Single group surveys are usually fact finding exercises. Companies survey consumer needs and preferences (market research), political parties survey voter's intensions and priorities (polls), and social scientists survey opinions, prejudice, and personalities.

In health care, particularly in large public hospitals, the single group surveys are used mostly for quality assurance, to establish the current state of outcomes, to establish the bench mark.

Note : In this page, associated programs, and this module, error is expressed as the 95% confidence interval of measurements.