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This page describes the suite of explanations, tables, and programs related to Factor Analysis that are available in StatTools.

Excellent statistical packages for Factor Analysis are widely available, in software packages such as SAS, STATA, SPSS, and LISREL. There are also excellent free packages available for download. (see references). All of these require users to set up options, then perform all the procedures in a single session.

StatTools does not duplicate these excellent packages, and instead provides algorithms performing individual procedures involved in Factor Analysis. This allows users to take intermediate results from their own or published analysis, and by using a different procedure, produce a different set of results.

There are two major types of Factor Analysis, Exploratory and Confirmatory. Confirmatory Factor Analysis is a very large and complex subject, briefly introduced in a subsequent panel on this page but otherwise not covered by StatTools.

The rest of this page, and the associated pages and procedures, concerns Exploratory Factor Analysis, particularly that of Principal Component Analysis.